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We have recently added Plastic Coil Binding to our existing Plastic Comb Binding that we have offered for years and you have become accustomed to. Now you truly have a choice in your binding preferences. While the Plastic Comb Binding works well if you need to remove or add pages to your reports, the Plastic Coil Binding allows your books and reports to open and lie flat, even when opened cover to cover.

Plastic Coil Binding is priced the same as the Plastic Comb Binding, so you may want to consider giving the Plastic Coil Binding option a try on your next copy job that you would like us to bind for you!

Plastic Coil
Coil Binding is a binding option growing in popularity that lies flat even when opened cover-to-cover (360). It has elastic-like flexibility It looks great on calendars, cookbooks, instruction books, spec books, or any other type book or booklet that needs to be bound.

Plastic Comb
Plastic Comb Binding is a flexible binding option that allows for the addition or removal of pages after the document is bound. Available in fifteen diameters, ranging from 1/4" through 2". Standard length is 19 rings (which is designed for an 11" binding edge).

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